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The Delaware Skills Center is a Division of the New Castle County Vocational Technical School District. We have been able to capitalize on the longstanding good will, technical experience, and community prominence the school district has provided. We have a proven track record of successful course completion and job placement.

Our staff are skilled and certified professionals in their craft, they enjoy teaching and providing a student centered learning environment, which makes for many success stories with our students.

Our Mission Statement & Goals

The Delaware Skills Center is an adult vocational technical training center committed to providing skills training that creates a pathway to a rewarding career.

    • Offer courses which prepare students for the world of business and industry by means of intensive training consistent with current educational practices and industry standards.
    • Provide students with course studies along with hands-on training in their related field
    • Create an educational environment which allows students to grow and develop positive attitudes and develop key employability skills to meet the needs of today’s labor market
    • Assist students to obtain and maintain employment after completion of training.

Our History

Our origin goes back to 1962, when President John F. Kennedy and Congress enacted the Manpower Training and Development Act. This legislation led to establishing skills training and job placement opportunities for unemployed and unskilled American Citizens.

The Delaware Skills Center has provided skills training and job placement since 1962. All courses are taught through hands-on training and classroom instruction. The Delaware Skills Center has trained and successfully provided employment opportunities for thousands of graduates.

Our continued success is attributed to

      • Employer based technical curriculums
      • Clinical experiences, job shadowing and on the job training
      • Classroom, career and clinical areas which simulate the workplace
      • Instructors with extensive knowledge and experience in their field
      • Supportive services including: career guidance, job readiness, employability skills, academic preparation and personal assistance
      • Experienced staff committed to the success of each student
      • Strong relationships with business partners
      • Courses aligned with certification tests, apprenticeship programs, and State+Federal licensing

Our Governance

Board of Education

      • President: Ms. Yvette Santiago
      • Vice President: Ms. Madeline Bolden Johnson
      • Mr. John F. Lynch, Jr
      • Mr. Robert Gilligan
      • Mr. Mark Stellini
      • Ms. Renee Taschner
      • Ms. Cheryl A. Dennis
      • District Superintendent: Dr. Victoria Gehrt
      • Director of Adult Education: Annemarie Linden
      • Delaware Skills Center Supervisor: Mr. Eric A. Wells