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Electrical Trades


Upon completion of this course, the student will enter the electrical field in an entry-level position as a competent and qualified helper or apprentice. Many of the students that complete this course enter into electrical apprenticeship programs and later become Journeyperson electricians. Training includes unpaid work experience on community and non-profit projects.

This course will provide students with:

  • Twelve (12) weeks (420 hours) of classroom training, which is supplemented with hands-on shop activities.
  • Three phases with safety, work ethics, cooperation and teamwork emphasized throughout this course.
Phase #1:
  • Electrical, general safety, and the use of hand and power tools
  • The physics and nature of electricity and the application of Ohms Law
  • Basic mathematics, series circuits, and parallel circuits
  • Voltage, current, and resistance in a direct current circuit
  • Symbols and terminology, schematic, and wiring diagrams
Phase #2:
  • Mechanical components and fittings used in the electrical trades
  • Using tools to construct various hands-on shop projects
  • Measuring, cutting, reaming, and threading different types of
  •        conduit
  • Installing boxes and connecting them with conduit
  • Assembling different switching, lighting, and receptacle
  •        configurations
  • Network Cabling for Copper Based Systems
Phase #3:
  • Students practice installation of series and parallel circuits
  • Students practice installation of non-metallic sheathed cable, BX cable, electrical non-metallic tubing, old work and new workboxes
  • Each student will install a complete electrical service on a simulated work site – Students will practice installing lighting circuits, low voltage (remote control) lighting, and conduit installation
  • In preparation of employment, the students are coached in resume writing, cover letters, and interviewing skills


Delaware Resident at least 18 years of age

Valid Drivers License

High School Diploma or Equivalency

Ability to pass Reading and Math Exam

Pass criminal background check and drug screening

Fee of $140.00 in cash or money order only (Drug screening, background check)

Roy Arters

Electrical Instructor

“Welcome to the Delaware Skills Center, a place to start a new career!”

Habitat For Humanity

cmi solar and electric

Cahill Electric

Tri M Electric

Alliance Electric

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Q: What will I become qualified to do when I complete this course?
Answer: This course will prepare you for an entry-level position in the electrical field. When you complete this course, you are qualified to enter the work force as a competent and confident electrician helper or employer sponsored electrical apprentice.

Q: Will the Delaware Skills Center offer job placement assistance?
Answer: The Delaware Skills Center works with various business and industry contacts including electrical contractors to help our students find meaningful employment.

Q: What can I expect to receive as a starting wage after I complete this course?
Answer: Your starting salary is based on many components including: your current and past experience in the electrical field, your attendance and grades. The typical starting wages are from $10.00 an hour to $12.00 an hour, with some positions offering more.

Q: Is my certificate of completion widely acknowledged and accepted?
Answer: Yes. The Delaware Skills Center has an excellent reputation and many employers hire students directly from the Skills Center. Many employers will visit the Skills Center to recruit students. In many cases, the training you receive is recognized as being equivalent to or exceeding the training received in the first year of an apprenticeship program. After completing this course, many students go directly into the second year of an apprenticeship program.