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LPN Refresher


With the economy as it is today, the Delaware Skills Center LPN Refresher Course offers an opportunity for the Practical Nurse with an inactive license to prepare to return to the work field and begin to earn an income once again. This innovative course offers the latest and most updated information the LPN needs to know to practice safely.

The Delaware Skills Center feels the Practical Nurse is a valued member of the health care team. The LPN Refresher Course offers the Practical Nurse with an inactive license the opportunity to once again be prepared to enter the workforce and for the demands of the Practical Nurse today.
The course is approved by the Delaware Board of Nursing and is open to all residents living in Delaware. With completion of this course, the Practical Nurse will take the first steps to enter the workforce once again by applying to the Delaware Board of Nursing to re-activate his or her license.


  • Theory or classroom
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Outside Clinical rotations


  • Submit an on-line application
  • Submit resume
  • Possess a state of Delaware Driver’s license
  • Be a Delaware Resident
  • Provide proof of graduation from an approved LPN Course
  • LPN license in good standing prior to going to inactive status
  • Fee $379.00 License Renewal, Drug Screening, Federal Background Check, and State Background Check
  • Tuition $1,912.50

Requirements for Testing

  • Submit the day of testing a one page typed paper regarding goals for attending this course
  • Arrive early for the testing session (takes about 4 hours)
  • Bring Driver’s license, another form of identification and your social security card ( if you do not have a copy of your card, you may request a duplicate from the social security administration and bring the letter from the social security office that you applied for the duplicate card.
  • Bring two number two pencils for the paper test.
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Requirements for an Interview

  • Favorable score on the entrance examination ( at or above the national average)
  • Arrive early for the interview
  • Bring two number two pencils for the paper test
  • Bring the entrance results.

Admission Process

  1. Favorable interview
  2. Verification license in good standing prior to going inactive
  3. Complete 9-panel drug screening $55
  4. Negative drug screening
  5. Complete the criminal background check with the State Police which is a State and federal investigation for $138 payable at the time of the criminal background –information will be provided. This is required for all clinical Rotations.
  6. Negative criminal background
  7. Completion of adult and child abuse registries
  8. Not listed on the adult and or child abuse registry
  9. Submission of American Heart Association- Healthcare Provider CPR (includes AED And infant and child) Locations provided to the candidate: Christiana Care and St Francis Hospital
  10. Submission of record of immunizations
  11. Submission of current PPD (within last 6 months) or negative CXR
  12. Submission of a statement from physician for clearance for the clinical practicum
  13. Submission of $186 in the form of money order or certified check made payable to the Delaware Skills Center

Orientation Session

There will be one orientation session prior to the first day of class. The purpose of this session is to collect all of the required documents, provide a schedule, and discuss policies and procedures for the LPN Refresher Course.

Course Completion

  • Satisfactory completion of the theory component (80%)
  • Completion and submission of all homework and self- learning activities
  • Submission of all clinical practicum documents
  • Satisfactory score on the Final Examination (80%)
  • Satisfactory completion of the clinical practicum (80%)
  • Submission of an updated resume
  • Course evaluation
  • Certificate of completion will be issued
  • Letter submitted to the Delaware Board of Nursing


The costs of the course are kept to the very minimum for the LPN Refresher course. There are three costs which are required for the clinical rotations and completion of license renewal

  • Tuition-$0.00
  • License Renewal-$186.00
  • Drug Screening-$55.00
  • FBI/SBI Background Check-$138.00

(Two Checks Required)

  • One for Clinical
  • One for Re-licensing

Student Health

Students are advised to maintain good health practices not only while attending the LPN Refresher course but also while practicing as an LPN. Records of immunizations and a statement from your Physician is required and again this information is provided to the clinical facilities. The immunizations are discussed in the student handbook. Additionally, while attending the LPN Refresher course, the student should seek medical treatment as is warranted.