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SQL & Java Programming


This is an entry level programming course including the fundamentals of Structured Query Language & JAVA Programming / Coding. The course will be conducted over twelve (12) weekends on Saturday and Sunday. Entry-level salaries for this career pathway is: $50k+ in Delaware

Prerequisite Skills:

Typing, Email use, Browsing the Internet and Strong Study Skills

The program will consist of:

  1. Introduction to OOAD for Java Developers
  2. Fundamental Programming Structures in Java
  3. Classes and Objects in Java
  4. Object Design and Programming with Java
  5. Java Interfaces
  6. Java Exception Handling
  7. Java Collections API
  8. Java Input/Output API (Optional)
  9. Java Programming Best Practices
  10. Differences between Java, C++ and C# (Optional)


  • Score minimum of 10th grade level on TABE Reading and Math test, High School Diploma or Equivalency
  • Since this course is only during the weekend, it is extremely important for students selected to establish a study routine individually and or a partner for assignments during the week.
  • It is also important to establish a schedule for studying in a designated place in your home.