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HVAC & Refrigeration


This 12-week (420 hour) training course is designed for those individuals who are interested in becoming employed in the HVAC and Residential Energy Trades. 

Category 1

  • Covers the introduction, understanding and principles of residential heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Identifies and explains the different types of residential heating and cooling systems. Such as forced air, hydronic systems and how a heat pump works.
  • Refrigeration theory, and the refrigeration cycle.
  • Identifying the major parts of a heating and air conditioning system.
  • General safety of the industry.
  • Working with hand and power tools.
  • Shop applied math.

Category 2

  • Electrical introduction of residential 120/240-volt distribution system. Electrical theory, Ohms law and hands- on electrical shop building projects using high and low voltage systems.
  • Instruction of applied electrical wiring diagrams and schematics. Instruction in electrical meter skills to understand and perform troubleshooting of HVACR equipment.
  • In-depth instruction of HVAC components with hands-on shop activities to disassemble and replace major parts of furnaces and condensing units.
  • EPA 608 Exam – related training and hands on reclamation of refrigerant.
  • Charging and dehydrating of a residential HVAC unit. 

Category 3

  • Air Distribution systems. Understanding air flow in HVAC systems.
  • Introduction of sheet metal application related to air duct distribution. Instruction of sheet metal tools, sheer and bender to construct a sheet metal transition.
  • Piping skills – PVC, copper tubing and black carbon pipe. Threading, swaging, flaring, soldering, and brazing of tubing and pipe.
  • Resume building and mock interviews.
  • Meet and greet HVAC contractors.

Certificates and Certifications Achieved Upon Course Completion:

  • NCCER Core Curriculum
  • NCCER HVAC Level 1
  • EPA Section 608 Certification
  • 1st Year Apprenticeship Certification
  • Advanced Placement into Second Year of the Delaware Apprenticeship Program
  • 10 Hour OSHA Certification

Classes are Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm. 


Cycle Schedule:

Cycle One: August 19, 2024 – November 13, 2024

Cycle Two: November 18, 2024 – February 25, 2025

Cycle Three: March 3, 2025 – May 28, 2025

Background Check and Drug Screening: $155.00 - payment can be made online at See page 13 of the Course Guide for tuition and fees on non-funded enrollments. 

Requirements for Enrollment:

  • Delaware Resident at least 18 Years of Age
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Selective Service Registration (males only)
  • High School Diploma or Equivalency
  • Ability to Pass a Reading and Math Exam
  • Pass Criminal Background Check and Drug Screening
  • Reliable Transportation
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Student Testimonials

In 2014, I  migrated to the United States (Delaware). I developed an interest in HVAC, so I started researching institutions that provided the necessary training. I discovered the Delaware Skills Center, that gives free training.

After twelve weeks of classroom and practical training, I graduated with a level one Certification. Through DSC I interviewed with numerous companies and I got employed with an Commercial HVAC company. Now I  am an Journeyman's mechanic working for the same company. The Delaware Skills Center gives me the necessary training    to get me to this point.

Hector Bourne

For a 12 week, 5 day a week (almost 400 hrs) course, we learned the basics of basically everything HVAC. I was      lucky to have Mr. Schneider as an Instructor. I say lucky because he also possess  like a thousand yrs as a Master Electrician, and was able to enlighten us with a lot of electrical info that we probably wouldn’t get to until about     our 2nd or 3rd year of HVAC training, much appreciated!
This program helped me land a job at Moon Air, where I’m an installer (apprentice).  I basically got hired on the     spot, in which, I believe that my interviewer was shocked how much I learned in that 12 week period and also obtaining my EPA universal, while there, was the icing on the cake.

Omar Hooks

Delaware skills center is a life changing school.   If you’re looking for a school that offers free tuition, free books, tools and equipment to use and learn with, then Delaware Skills center is the school you’ve been looking for. They will even ensure that your resume is updated, corrected and geared towards the trade you’re studying. After graduating I had two job offers! Which would not be possible without the Skills Center. There really is no good reason to not apply.

Tarick Sam

In 2019, I went to college and graduated with an associate's degree. I obtained a job in my degree field but unfortunately was let go due to COVID. So I decided to go back to school and choose Delaware Skills Center, HVAC program for my future career.

In 12 weeks, Monday through Friday classes, I was able to gain the knowledge needed to succeed in the HVAC field through class instruction and working in the shop with the help of Mr. Schneider. Since graduating I have been hired and started working as an HVAC installer. This wouldn’t have been possible without the HVAC program here at the Delaware Skills Center.
Bryce Adams